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After 24 years as a business lawyer and entrepreneur, everything I’ve experienced lead me to creating a law practice to work with innovative entrepreneurs and helping them achieve the full potential of their businesses.

My client’s retain me to be part of their teams as outside general counsel. Together, we create stability and protection for the business and the proper foundation to enable the company to successfully grow and be ready to attract the attention of investors and strategic partners.


My clients become investor-ready.

Having a great idea is a start, but growing the value of a business requires much more, including:

• securing business relationships through solid agreements,

• managing company legal governance to ensure transferability and manage change if needed,

• managing employment matters and independent contractors with governmental compliance,

• securing company assets like intellectual property, real estate and trade secrets,

• creating and protecting transferable revenue streams,

• securing and managing a company’s online presence, and

• day-to-day counsel to structure and negotiate deals, review and advise on proposals and resolve disputes.

Most investors on all levels consider a quality management team as an indispensable factor in the investment or purchase. In assessing quality, there is no greater demonstration of professionalism than a company standing up to due diligence with a solid foundation and a business that is secure, measurable and ultimately transferable. A quality leadership team focuses on increasing revenue, profits, business value and growth and takes every step necessary to protect what they’ve built.

I work with innovative entrepreneurs who share this vision.