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Who Am I?

who am i


  • Part experienced, seasoned and intuitive legal counselor,
  • Part dealmaker, skilled negotiator and creative problem solver,
  • Part serial entrepreneur and business consultant,
  • Part angel investor and lawyer for investors,
  • Part business growth and business development champion,
  • Part well-rounded witty, bright, athletic family man and friend.



Mission Statement

I created MJ Wieser Law to provide companies like yours with the guidance of an experienced lawyer, serial entrepreneur and business development professional as part of your executive team at an affordable price.   

Of course, you ultimately make the business decisions, but I provide information, research, experience and guidance that give you peace of mind as your Outside General Counsel. You proceed with confidence knowing that you have made reasoned, informed decisions with awareness of potential legal risks and consequences.

  • You benefit from my unique perspective as both an experienced business lawyer and founder and general counsel of five different businesses, including a multi-million dollar technology company.
  • You improve your leadership team with my unique 25 years of legal and business experience in several different vertical markets (telecom, technology, sustainability,business consulting, retail and professional services).
  • You achieve cost certainty and affordable legal counsel, with my unique LaaS Managed Legal Services Program. No more bleeding money 6 minutes at a time.  

Thank you and I look forward to exploring how you can work with me to help you protect and grow your business.