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Legal Health Check

The Legal Health Check is a comprehensive assessment of the legal matters relevant to your business and delivers an actionable plan to achieve your legal objectives. Upon delivery of the Legal Health Check, the client has a comprehensive understanding of the current state of its entire legal environment from the time they launched through the company’s entire business lifecycle to date.

The areas covered by the Legal Health Check include Securing and Managing:

  • Company ownership and the relationship of stakeholders,
  • Company formation including its legal structure and ongoing organizational management,
  • Employment concerns: Defining and managing the relationships between the company and its human resources, both internal and third parties,
  • Ownership of company assets and liabilities, including real property, equipment and inventory, intellectual property (trademarks, copyright, trade secrets) and liabilities,
  • Commercial relationships, including Vendors, Commercial terms, Licensing, Distribution, Referral, VAR, and Channel Programs, Franchise, Supply Chain, and UCC,
  • Client relationships, including Contracts, Payment Terms, Collections, Warranties, and Return Policies,
  • Marketing, Advertising, Social Media and Public Relations, including Strategy and legal compliance, Employee control and policy and Employee Usage, Brand Control, IT compliance and Ecommerce,
  • Environmental and International Business Concerns,
  • Healthcare reform compliance,
  • Business licensing and regulatory compliance, local state, and federal,
  • Handling former employees, non-compete, confidentiality, exclusivity, and NDAs.
  • Based on this due diligence, the client and attorney assess which areas are in need of more attention and create a prioritized road map to achieve agreed upon objectives. At all junctures there must be a viable legal reason and justifiable business case to undertake any further legal work. However, even if no further steps are taken, the client benefits by having a greater understanding of its legal standing and potential actions they can proactively undertake to mitigate future risk.