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Whether you are IBM or Joe’s Garage every business has the same lifecycle.  

  • Your company started as an idea.
  • It then became a startup.
  • At launch, it became operational.
  • Your company is now established and growing.
  • It’s maturing and has had its ups and downs along the way.
  • Eventually it will either:
  • Diversify, reinvent, explore new markets and expand,
  • Contract and fail,or
  • with the right planning and execution, you may execute a well-crafted exit strategy.

Savvy entrepreneurs and business leaders realize that legal counsel is crucial at every stage of a company’s business lifecycle.

It is the goal of MJ Wieser Law to provide your company with effective and affordable legal counsel and guidance at every stage of your business lifecycle.  

With MJ Wieser law, you will be protected and grow with General Counsel services that are delivered preventatively and proactively under our LaaS Legal Managed Services Program.

Instead of retaining legal services when major legal issues appear and paying thousands of dollars through the traditional retainer-vs-hourly-billing model, your company is covered with the LaaS Programand issues and problems are prevented entirely.

With the LaaS Program, the implementation of your managed legal services commences with a Legal Health Check turning back the clock and reviewing your company’s entire history up to the present.  This assessment is performed to determine what steps are recommended to make your company current and protected from a legal perspective.  A roadmap plan is then developed and implemented to achieve your company’s objectives.  

With the ongoing managed legal counsel services delivered under LaaS, you are able to allocate legal services

  • toward getting current and executing the roadmap plan established by the Legal Health Check,
  • while being protected with proactive and preventative legal counsel for the ongoing and future business activities you are executing and planning.

So, the WHEN is now, and it fully includes your entire business lifecycle; past, present and future.