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General Business

Whether you own a web development company, a dog grooming company, a company providing one of the building trades, or a real estate brokerage, all companies have common legal needs throughout their business lifecycle.  
·    Starting up with the right business organization,
·    Protecting your Intellectual Property,
·    Managing and defining the relationships with your investors, partner and co-venturers
·    Defining and protecting your relationships with your stakeholders, clients, supply chain, service providers, vendors and others,
·    Registration and remaining in compliance with industry and governmental laws and regulations,
·    Paving the way legally to execute your business growth strategies,
·    Building the transferability and value of your business to have a feasible exit strategy,
·    Dealing with Human Resource management, independent contractors and work for hire,
·    Dispute Resolution,
·    And many other areas.

With Michael J. Wieser, you are retaining a seasoned business lawyer and serial entrepreneur with a track record of success.  You retain legal practice tailored specifically for you as an  entrepreneur with the goal of business growth and increasing value.  Let’s speak and you will immediately see the difference.