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Sustainability & Environment

If you have a green industry company that promotes and enhances corporate sustainability, you will benefit from my experience as an industry expert and thought leader.  One of the companies I co-founded that I am most proud of was Skyobs, Inc., a management consulting firm that helped its corporate customers improve profitability and revenue growth through the adoption of sustainable business practices and techniques.  I encourage you to read the my Corporate Sustainability white paper I authored and implement its guidance to make your company greener and improve your bottom line via resource conservation.

As a principal and the general counsel for Skyobs I enhanced my legal acumen with deep research of the federal, state and local rules and regulations involving resource conservation and recycling.  You will benefit from my experience in crafting tailored agreements with all of your stakeholders including, clients, investors, strategic partners, sponsors, supply chain vendors and managing relationships with governmental agencies.  I have written grant proposals and worked closely with a broad range of green industry leaders in many capacities.  I am proud to say that the sustainability program that Skyobs developed is being used by one of the largest consulting companies in the world for Fortune 500 companies and governments worldwide.