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Entertainment, Media & Creative

When I left a large corporate law firm and hung my shingle back in the early 90’s, I focused my practice on servicing small businesses and creative entrepreneurs with a concentration in entertainment law.  Working heavily in the music industry, I worked for a broad range of creative people and had the good fortune of frequenting many memorable concerts and industry events as “work.”  However, aside from the fun and excitement, it was this period that built my confidence and developed me into the skilled negotiator, advocate and business lawyer/entrepreneur that I am today.

Servicing writers, record labels, artist, music publishers, jingle writers, agents, promoters and managers created the opportunity to learn the nuances of intellectual property law, contract drafting and negotiation and aggressive advocacy in finding and making deals to help my clients get their big breaks.  I have since immersed myself in other creative areas with representation for writers, artists, graphic artists, game developers, marketing, advertising, event planning, film, television, Internet, publishers, agencies and all manner of companies that service these industries.