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Technology, Internet and Social Media Law

Technology, Internet and Social Media usage by employees has created a legal minefield for most companies. You won’t find a lawyer with deeper knowledge of the IT-online-mobility space than Michael J Wieser. A small sample of the issues of our connected world include,

  • Legally protecting the company’s IT infrastructure from crippling outages,
  • Protecting company data from the legal liabilities of data loss,
  • Protecting and monitoring employee behavior and content in emails and social media from risks including
  • the release of IP and confidential information,
  • breaking governmental laws and regulations through leaks
  • labor issues like discrimination and defamation
  • Ownership of corporate data on employee owned devices, and many others

With technology, it is imperative to understand not only the legal side of protecting your company, but the business and technical side as well. As a pioneer in IT, I can speak intelligently with your management and your IT stakeholders to understand the risks and legal consequences of the IT solutions you are using or planning including IT infrastructure, social media, telecom, mobility and cloud-based computing. Whether negotiating service level agreements (SLA) or scopes of work (SOW) in IT engagements, having a lawyer that understands technology can make a huge difference.