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50 Tips for Business and Life from a NY Entrepreneur Lawyer (31-40)

As a longtime subscriber to Esquire magazine, I have learned many great tips from its “What I’ve Learned” column.  Throughout 23 years of law and entrepreneurship I’ve learned many of my own lessons. 

Some from my successes, even more from my failures, but each one has been instrumental in leading me to where I am today.  Here are tips 31-40 of my most appreciated lessons.

31.    Embrace technology and change.
32.    Always try to optimize the way you do everything you do.
33.    Throughout the day, you have wasted time on lines, in traffic, waiting to meet people; carry around something to read to avoid wasted time.
34.    Good manners and courtesy go far.
35.    Gain experience through volunteering.
36.    Help young people who are fresh out of school get their start.
37.    Establish goals and identify and execute small steps to reach them.
38.    Don’t just go through the motions, if you’ve committed the time to be there make the most of it.
39.    Follow up, always follow up.
40.    Always thank people for spending their time with you.