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50 Tips for Business and Life from a NY Entrepreneur Lawyer (41-50)

As a longtime subscriber to Esquire magazine, I have learned many great tips from its “What I’ve Learned” column.  Throughout 23 years of law and entrepreneurship I’ve learned many of my own lessons. 

Some from my successes, even more from my failures, but each one has been instrumental in leading me to where I am today.  Here are tips 41-50 of my most appreciated lessons.

41.    When playing, keep your focus on the target, practice is the time to work on your mechanics.
42.    Visualize your success and you’re more likely to achieve it.
43.    Pay for premium when it’s in proper scale to regular.
44.    Don’t look for the best price, look for the best value.
45.    In matters of subjectivity, be wary of heavy reliance on critics.
46.    In matters of objectivity, be more open to guidance.
47.    Be mindful of your appearance, negative first impressions are hard to overcome.
48.    Make lists and prioritize.
49.    Don’t struggle writing a ten minute email when you can make a one minute phone call.
50.    Make an effort to smile and laugh more and you will be a happier person.