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50 Tips for Business and Life from a NY Entrepreneur Lawyer (21-30)

As a longtime subscriber to Esquire magazine, I have learned many great tips from its “What I’ve Learned” column.  Throughout 23 years of law and entrepreneurship I’ve learned many of my own lessons.

Some from my successes, even more from my failures, but each one has been instrumental in leading me to where I am today.  Here are tips 21-30 of my most appreciated lessons.

21.    Don’t rely entirely on spell check.  
22.    Write the way you speak.  Read it out loud and you will see if you wrote it well.
23.    Don’t be fooled into thinking that multi-tasking is efficient.  You end up doing several different things half-assed.  One at a time when possible.
24.    Don’t settle on you can’t, until you’ve explored every possible idea on how you can.
25.    Measure twice, cut once and always work with the best tools you can afford.
26.    Establish a personal hourly rate for leisure time.  If a chore will end up costing you more in time based on your rate than hire someone else, save your time, not the money.
27.    When choosing between doing something that is important versus something that is urgent, err on the side of importance.
28.    The key to success is preparation, “winging it” shows.
29.    Review all of your marketing, wherever you find an “I” or “we” rewrite with a “you” and the benefit to “you.”  To your target, it’s all about “What’s in it for me?”
30.    Don’t ever negotiate against yourself.  Keep quiet and let the other party do that.  People hate silence and want to be liked.